Manon Planche is a fashion label meant for the bold and colorful souls  of this world.

The founder, Manon, wishes to present her collections as a form of expression both for herself and for the people wearing her designs. This is a story of shared love, passion and happiness.

This label is the baby of a stubborn girlboss with a dream.

Manon Planche is a colourful label sporting unapologetic bold printed pieces that are both confortable and unconventional. It is inspired by and created for people who are not afraid to stand out.


Manon Planche is inspired by uncommon means of transport and the fantastic groups of people involved in operating them.

From custom motorcycles to drag racing cars and vintage jet skis, Manon Planche only takes inspiration from the craziest activities, which are usually conducted by equally crazy people who dare to try anything.

A word from the designer…

Fashion design is meaningful to me, i want to be able to express myself through my designs and believe fashion design should help people dare to express themselves through what they wear and how they wish to wear it. 

Fashion is art.

Thought process and design development will be shown on this website as we wish to show you how our designs are created and help you see the kind of love, passion and dedication that goes into each and every piece of clothing. 

This label also aims at promoting art and travel discoveries as they are our main sources of inspiration - the world is beautiful and full of wonders.

We hope you can find a little bit of happiness in wearing the shiny and colourful sportswear inspired pieces we create.




Thank you for your interest in our brand, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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