A little bit more of Manon Planche


What about the woman behind the brand

French designer, Manon Planche graduated from the University of Westminster in 2018. Her graduate collection was shown during LFW AW18. 

Manon Planche creates unapologetic, bold printed and textured pieces.

Drawing inspiration from observations of alternative methods of transport and their existential operators; Manon Planche's collections take you on a ride to the next galaxy. From custom motorcycles, to drag racing cars and vintage jet skis - Manon’s creations are influenced by unthinkable activities, conducted by equally daring people; as daring as those who wear the designs.

Manon actively works with artists and performers on custom and bespoke designs for stage and red carpet events.

Manon has been cited as ‘one to watch’ by Vogue Italy after great success in AW18.

Manon Planche products are all created and manufactured in london paying great attention to workers conditions and reducing waste as much as possible.


And she tells us a little story about her clothing

A lot of it comes from travelling around and seeing things. I’m always with my camera, taking lots of photos of the most random things, the things that just strike my interest, attract my eyes and make me stop, look up or turn around.

It can be someone or something, created by nature or man made. It really depends.

Then when it comes to finding new inspiration, I go through my photos and find that one thing that inspires me again right there and then. I research it, I dig and dig and I start creating a story, which leads onto shapes, textures and prints. 

In my latest collections I have been focusing on anything that can take you from a point A to a point B in a fun way!

That’s where the name and inspiration of my graduate collection comes from: Funny Cars is the name of a specific type of drag racing cars. Visually they are a fantastic source of inspiration and the whole world that comes with the discipline of drag racing is amazing too. I have been to a race day here in England and it was a very fun day, a real family event on both sides of the track, with a true, positive vibe to it.

But I also wish to take people on a voyage into my world as a designer. So it’s really about 3 dimensional travel. And that’s where the take on femininity comes in, I want women — and people, to feel free to wear whatever they want in every occasion and to have the confidence to be bold about it. People are complex creatures and I think fashion can be a great way of expressing some of your personality. 

— excerpt from Manon’s interview for Divvy Mag